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Professional Aviation Video Training


It is possible to fly without motors, but not without knowledge and skill

Wilbur Wright


We offer full service digital media creation, specializing in video.

Video Production

You have a vision for your training program, and we have the tools and team to turn that vision into high quality video.

Document Creation

For supporting documents for your video training, our team can put together supporting material for you students to use as they follow along.

Online Delivery

Imagine your students will be prepared with ground based knowledge before ever reaching your training program. Eliminate the talking head at the whiteboard with training that is accessible worldwide 24/7/365.



Man must rise above the Earth—to the top of the atmosphere and beyond—for only thus will he fully understand the world in which he lives.



No other company can bring this much creativity and power to your video training.

Here are a few ways we do just that.

All Digital

First film strips, then VHS, and now DVDs- completely obsolete. Angle of Attack has been an all digital video company for 5 years, well ahead of normal adoption rate.

Full HD Video

Only the best, most beautiful video will do. That is why we only deliver video in full HD. All other video formats that are smaller are derived from these full HD masters.

LMS Ready

Whether you already have an in-house Learning Management System (LMS) or need help creating one, we can assist you in creating and implementing video into this platform.

Mobile Native

Mobile viewers grow every single day, leaving desktops and laptops as secondary. Engage with your users on a platform their most familiar with.

Scenario Based

SBT has proved to be the wave of the future for aviation training. This is particularly true when it comes to teaching with video.

Limitless Distribution

Create it once, and deliver it however many times you want. Your video training will not be limited by hours availability of your staff instructors, but rather available for anyone, anytime, as many times as you can sell the package.


Add the ability of tracking performance of your users through testing and analytics. This is the perfect way to prove that your video training platform gives you a positive ROI, and your pilots stay on track to meet their goals.

Millennial Focused

Future pilots demand modern solutions. Gone are the days when manuals will be accepted by today’s connected the technology driven generation. Engage with your students on a level they understand, enjoy, and learn the most from.

Self Branding

Your name, your training. On all the video content you have produced or purchased, your name will be shown with pride on all videos, including custom ‘video bumpers’ before each lesson.

Interactive Video

Video shouldn’t just be a 0 seconds to “the end” viewing experience. Imagine if your students could choose certain actions, get consequences for those actions, and learn about particular systems and procedures in a way that is more realistic to actual flight.


The soaring pilot makes an aerial excursion, not an incursion. His passage leaves a whisper, not a shriek.

Richard Miller

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